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  • PRODUCTS > Tideasy W (water-soluble)

    Tideasy W (water-soluble)

    Tideasy W (water-soluble)
    Packaging: 1 kg/bag, 20 kg/bag


    Tideasy W is an antimicrobial peptides (AMPs) designed to against a wide range of pathogen bacteria in animal gastrointestinal tract, improve animal performance and supports animal health. With the specific AMPs in the formula can make Tideasy W insert into pathogen membrane and disrupt pathogen membrane and cause cell lysis and death. Moreover, Tideasy W is the important players in the stimulate adaptive immunity in animal.


    1.AMPs in Tideasy W effectively regulate animal immune functions, significantly improve animal’s health, and effectively increase animal body titer.

    2. Tideasy W broad-spectrum with potent activities against pathogenic microorganisms. Tideasy W quickly removes residual bacteria and other pathogens, reduces disease recurrence, accelerates body recovery, and reduces the occurrence of acute disease of the digestive tract and respiratory tract.

    3. Tideasy W is an antibiotic alternative for animal health care, reduce the number and amount of drugs used in farm, and reduce the damage of drugs to the animal target organs.

    4. Tideasy W has glutathione and vitamin B12 which enhance the vitality of animals, prevent stress, quickly provide hematopoietic elements, and improve animal feed efficiency.

    5. It completely dissolves in water with the most convenient and flexible to use, high stability, and strong heat resistance.

    6. Tideasy W can be used in all kinds of water supply machines with no agglomeration or precipitation in the tube and it keeps the equipment clean and hygienic forever and reduce feeding troubles. 

    Guaranteed Analysis

    Recommended Dosage

    Packaging:15 kg/carton

    Shelf life :18 months from the date of manufacturing

      Trail results !!!  

     Increase egg weight 0.875 kg/egg box

    5f3c9f32c6cf9.png  5f3c9f365ff9a.png

                                                       5 days after used AMPs                                 21 days after used: AMPs could improve egg quality, egg size and color


    Before Exp.

    After Exp.

    Different rate

    Egg weight (360 eggs/box)



    ↑ 0.875

     Increase egg weight 0.875 kg/egg box

    Effect of AMPs on the growth and survival rate of mud eels


    5f3ca014e4a18.png  5f3ca019ce024.png

    Effect of AMPs on the growth performance and survival rate of vannamei




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