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    Packaging 25 kg/bag


    Ampter is feed supplemented with antimicrobial peptides (AMPs) with advanced fermentation technology. The final product is the mixture of Phytolacca americana, Styela clava and scorpion AMPs. With a specific peptides structure and peptide charge in Ampter can insert to pathogen bacteria membrane and cause bacteria cell lysis and death. Ampter also works as immunomodulary agent by interact with host cell and stimulate animal immune system. Moreover, glucose oxidase in Ampter can improve intestinal microflora and upgrade biological value of feed and prevent diseases by removal of oxygen, generating hydrogen peroxide and gluconic acid.

    1.AMPs in Ampter effectively regulate animal immune functions, significantly improve animal’s health, and effectively increase animal body titer.
    2. Ampter quickly removes residual bacteria and other pathogens, reduces disease recurrence, accelerates body recovery, and reduces the occurrence of acute disease of the digestive tract and respiratory tract.
    3. Ampter is an antibiotic alternative for animal health care, reduce the number and amount of drugs used in farm, and reduce the damage of drugs to the animal target organs.
    4. Ampter contains with glutathione and vitamin B12 which enhance the vitality of animals, prevent stress, quickly provide hematopoietic elements, and improve animal feed efficiency.
    5. It has high stability, and strong heat resistance.

    Guaranteed Analysis

    Recommended Dosage

    Packaging: 25 kg/bag
    Shelf life: 18 months from the date of manufacturing

        Trail resuluts !!!   

    Effects of Ampter on the growth performance of weaned piglets

    Significantly improved average daily gain 37.5g 

    Significantly lower FCR 0.28

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