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    Mission and Vision

    -Integrate of new technologies and knowledge to develop new products.

    -Continuous research and develop of green and healthy products through innovative genetic engineering technology, and maintain technological leadership.

    -Advocate the concept of healthy farming with purification and prevention as the core to make farming easy and happy.

    -Create value for customers, and achieve multiple benefits with excellent products and considerate service.

    Core values: common career ideals

    -Enterprise is a happy land for like-minded people, and a high sense of value recognition is a powerful driving force for the company's development

    -The realization of personal value is based on sincere teamwork.

    -The company and employees become a community in order to realize the business objectives of the enterprise, it is based on the self-realization guarantee of employees standardized human resources administration, to realize the sense of belonging of employees.

    Efficiency work

    -Quickly respond to our customers and markets and quickly solve problems.

    -Pursue a concise and smooth workflow, clear goals and responsibilities.

    -Proactively assume responsibility, proactively discover and solve problems, proactively communicate and collaborate.

    Business philosophy

    Technological innovation, reasonable profit, value provision, high quality, good product and good service.

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