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    Column:Poultry Time:2020-12-08
    Our AMPs on extend egg production rate and improve egg quality in older hens

    Increase egg weight 0.875 kg/egg box

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                                           5 days after used AMPs                                                     21 days after used: AMPs could improve egg quality, egg size and color


    Before Exp.

    After Exp

    Different rate

    Egg weight (360 eggs/box)

    23.3↑ 0.875

    Population: 7000 birds

    Trial period: 21 days

    Age: Hy-Line laying hens at 575 days of age (older hens)

    Dosage: AMPs 200 g/ ton feed

    Location: Henan

    AMPs could improve egg quality in older hens by increase egg weight (↑0.875 kg/egg box) and it also improved egg quality, eggs showed more unity color and size. In addition, AMPs could extend egg production rate in older hens at after post-peak egg production. 

    5fcf36326680b.png 5fcf363733422.png

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