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  • After the Pig Farm Using Antimicrobial Peptide

    Column:Pig Time:2020-12-08

    In recent years, there are growing calls for “antibiotics-free breeding”. Taking the year of 2015 for instance, the course of antibiotics-free breeding for husbandry in China is greatly propelled by all from national policy orientation to earnestly practice of industries, entities and media. The Ministry of Agriculture issued a document that stated clearly to encourage and support R&D and promotion of new veterinary medicine like antimicrobial peptide and microbial agents in this year. And later in September, a declaration was released to prohibit the use of 4 kinds of antibiotics. Approval of thousands of veterinary medicines from hundreds of entities is being cancelled at one blow. With the double boost of implementation of the strictest Environment Protection Law and Food Safety Law, an action of antibiotics-free healthy breeding has already been blowing and spreading under such irresistible trend though hot debate still exists.

    However, in spite of worries that antibacterial may turn from “healing bacterial” to “causing bacterial” which is actually becoming a general fact, and voices that “after- antibiotics era” is coming and antibiotics-free breeding is imperative, some farms and households are still not confident enough about alternatives for antibiotics. Given this, I’d like to show you the easy, exact and authentic effects of peptide taking Sunsmile antimicrobial peptide product Tideasy --- the mainstream alternative for antibiotics in the industry for example.

    600-sow head pig farm using Tideasy


      Tideasy group had higher feed intake than the control group   

        Tideasy group had healthy body, round and alert.   

         Before feed with Tideasy, piglet had low apatite, very weak, and thin.    
        At Day 27 after feed with Tideasy, piglet had more appetite, and had a high growth rate with healthy health.    

    1800-sow head pig farm using Tideasy

       Tideasy group showed higher feed intake than the control group during the experiment time   

      Tideasy group had the uniform in size with higher feed intake and low of the outbreak of diseases. Moreover, they had a healthy skin and more strong.   


    1000-sow head pig farm using Tideasy

       Tideasy group had higher average weight than the control group at 0.8 kg during the experiment period (13 days).  
       In addition, Tideasy could increase feed intake to 10g/day.    

       Piglets feed with Tideasy are alert, strong with beautiful skin, and fast growing than the control.  

    1000-sow head pig farm using Tideasy

      Tideasy group had higher feed intake than the control group during the experiment period  

      Piglets feed with Tideasy had the healthy skin with clean skin and redness, well formed stools, healthy appetite with high feed intake during experiment time.  
      While, the control group had more rough hair, low appetite and no alert.   

    800-sow head pig farm using Tideasy

      Tideasy group showed significantly higher feed intake than control group during experiment time  

       Unhealthy piglets after feed with Tideasy, the piglets had low the incidence diarrhea rate and the stools well formed.
       Moreover, the digestion system became healthy and piglets had higher feed intake than the control.   

       Weaned pigs feed with Tideasy had redness beautiful skin, short hair,   
        normal stools and no incidence diarrhea during the experiment period.   

    All photos above are taken from swine farms that supplemented our products in pig feed. Tideasy could increase daily gain, reduce feed conversion ratio, reduce diarrhea rate and mortality rate. Compared with the antibiotic groups, Sunsmile’s antimicrobial peptides had excellent immunomodulatory affected with no toxic-residue and no side effect on animal.
    It can synergies antibiotic activities against pathogenic bacterial and we can decrease the antibiotics dosage. 

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