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  • AMPs on bacteria membrane !

    Column:About antimicrobial peptides (AMPs) Time:2020-12-08
    I’ll tell you how Sunsmile’AMPs works Only 5 seconds is enough!

       AMPs disrupt bacteria membrane process   

    AMPs kills E. coli process: anion and cation attraction – perforation on bacteria membrane - cell membrane rupture - cytoplasmic spill out - bacterial death.




       How AMPs act on pigs   

    1. Boar sperm motility (Text: Boar sperm density is high and strong vitality after feed with AMPs).

    2. Gestation sow after feed with AMPs had more wean piglets and sow produce more milk yield.



       AMPs on improve egg quality   

    1. Improve hen health status: (575 day-old layer hens feed AMPs for 5 days, the feces were obviously recovered).

    2. Improve egg weight: 575 day-old layer hens feed AMPs for 21 days, the egg weight was increased to 875 g/box.

    image.png image.png


    3. AMPs on improve egg quality: AMPs could improve the quality and added value to eggs.

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       AMPs on aquatic animals   

    1. AMPs on improve shrimp survival rate (After spread 100 g AMPs on acre water, AMPs could increase shrimp survival rate from 70% to 80-90% and AMPs also improved shrimp color.

    2. AMPs on improve shrimp health (After AMPs applied to shrimp: shrimp health is greatly improved, strong vitality and strong anti-stress ability).

    3. AMPs on improve mud eel growth rate and survival rate (After applied AMPs in mud eel feed, AMPs could improve the growth rate and the survival rate of mud eels).


    image.png  image.png

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